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Lamei Hahonico Shampoo.
Hair care shampoo with conditioner for all hair types, easy to wet and dry comb,  shiny look and smooth, variant 270 mL , 5 l.

POM NA18171003533

Lamei Hahonico Hair Straightening 1st is 
permanent hair straightening which smooth, repairs & protects hair all at once, transforming hair into silky. variant 500 gr .

POM NA18121000708

Lamei Hahonico Hair straightening 2 nd is contain selected ingredient to support of hair straightening 1st  solution. varian 500 gr.

POM NA18171003534

Lamei Hahonico Hair Tonic is the best tonic to protect your scalp, reduce hair damage including dandruff, contain of active sphinganine,  variant 100 mL

POM NA18141003638

Lamei Hahonico Indeep Hair straightening 1st gel type permanent hair straightening  which natural, smooth, repairs & protects hair all at once, transforming hair into silk. Varian 500 gr.

POM NA18131002275

Lamei Hahonico Indeep Hair straightening 2nd is contain selected ingredient to support of hair straightening 1st  solution. varian 500 gr.

POM NA18131002276

Lamei Hahonico Hair creambath, Deep conditioning Hair treatment is designed to strengthen the hair follicles, nourish the roots & revitalize the scalp that leads to natural hair rebirth. variant 300 gr, 2,5 kg,

POM NA18171001098

Lamei Hahonico Bali Juli natural hand made bar soap, it is base of coconut oil. Soaps have a high content of glycerin and this makes them naturally and good for the skin.  varian 50 gr, 80 gr, 100 g .

POM NA18140500341

Lamei Hahonico HABO hand & body lotion
A luxurious formula that protects, softens, & soothes dry skin. It is perfect for daily use. Variant 100 mL .

POM NA18130101730

Lamei Hahonico Bali July Massage oil are combinations of Coconut oil , Sunflower Oil, Jojoba Oil, Pogostemon cablin oil, Safflower oil, they are rich in vitamin E and antioxidants that keep your skin healthy and prevent signs of aging. Variant 100 ml,200 ml, 1 lt and 5 lt,

POM NA18140103810

Lamei Hahonico July Plus Oil cosmetics made from vegetable oils are the newest type in the heating type and can be used for daily care, functioning as a cuticle adhesive that breaks, opens and protects hair from the sun’s heat, hair dryer, and electric ion heat. can be used in the hair straightening process. Varian 60 ml

POM NA.18121002547

Lamei Hahonico Conditioner. Varian 2,5kg

POM NA.18161000989

Lamei Hahonico Lotion Message Bland Baly July. Varian 2,5kg

POM NA.18170105898
Lamei Hand Moisturizer Gel, 100ml & 60ml
Pelembab,Sekaligus Efektif membunuh kuman yang melekat pada tangan, Sebagai Pengganti Hand Sanitizer

POM NA.18200102813


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